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The pillow offers a real hygienic improvement and econommical advantages: It is breathable therefore there is no accumulation of heat or humidity. Odourless, antibacterial, dust-free and therefore anallergic. The filling shows similar characteristics as feathers. It is elastically and soft, and does not agglutinate even after frequent washing. Its fast drying saves time and money. Cover:blended fabric of 50 % cotton / 50 % polyester Filling: rhombically cut polyurethane rods from extremely soft polyurethane foam. Filling weight: with a size of approx. 35/45 cm = 105 g, 40/40 cm = 120 g, 40/80 cm = 350 g, 50/70 cm = 380 g, 60/60 cm = 390 g, 60/80 cm = 610 g, 80/80 cm = 720 g.


Saves time and money: boil-proof cushion with fast drying
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ca. 35x45 cm EUR 5,95
ca. 40x40 cm EUR 6,30
ca. 40x80 cm EUR 11,95
ca. 50x70 cm EUR 12,55
ca. 60x80 cm EUR 16,15
ca. 80x80 cm EUR 17,35

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