Self-coloured gastronomy table linen in any size you want

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Size on request
Set, seamed on 4 sides
ca. 40x32cm    
Napkin, seamed on 4 sides
ca. 42x42cm    
ca. 50x50cm    
Tablerunner, seamed on 4 sides
ca. 45x130cm    
ca. 45x175cm    
Tablemat, seamed on 4 sides
ca. 80x80cm    
ca. 90x90cm    
ca. 95x95cm    
ca. 110x110cm    
Tablecloth, seamed
ca. ∅ 130cm    
ca. ∅ 140cm    
ca. ∅ 160cm    
ca. ∅ 200cm    
Tablecloth seamed on 4 sides
ca. 130x130cm    
ca. 130x170cm    
ca. 130x180cm    
ca. 130x200cm    
ca. 130x220cm    
ca. 140x140cm    
ca. 140x180cm    
ca. 140x200cm    
ca. 140x220cm    
Tablecloth, seamed on 4 sides
ca. 160x160cm    
ca. 200cm    
Tablecloth, 2-side-hem
ca. 200x200cm    

High-class full-twist, hard-wearing damask, completely plane, without any pattern. Every size you want will be manufactured flexibly and quickly. The light washing weight allows a low-cost washing. The high-grade full-twist fabric is especially hard-wearing due to twofolded yarn used in warp and weft. A homely and non-patterned table linen for a pleasant basis for an opulent decorated table. Just choose the right lenght for your table. You will then recieve the convenient table linen for the required measurements. The table linen will keep its intensive colours due to indanthrene dyeing. The colours are boil-proof and chlorine resistant. The fabric is mercerised for a durable elegant and subtle appearance.

100 % cotton

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