The chic look for the elevated gastronomy. A noble cover with noble Italian entwine pattern.

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Napkin, seamed on 4 sides
ca. 40x40cm    
ca. 50x50cm    
Tablemat, seamed on 4 sides
ca. 80x80cm    
ca. 90x90cm    
ca. 100x100cm    
ca. 110x110cm    
Tablecloth, seamed on 4 sides
ca. 130x130cm    
ca. 130x170cm    
ca. 130x180cm    
ca. 130x190cm    
ca. 130x200cm    
ca. 130x220cm    
ca. 140x140cm    
ca. 140x180cm    
ca. 140x200cm    
ca. 140x220cm    
ca. 220x220cm    
ca. 240x240cm    
ca. 260x260cm    
ca. 280x280cm    
ca. 300x300cm    
Tablecloth, seamed
ca. ∅ 280cm    
ca. ∅ 300cm    
ca. ∅ 310cm    
ca. 315cm (240 g/qm)    

Elegant place setting with a classy tendril pattern consistent with the "Sevilla" plain product. The subtle design gives your room a neat, elegant atmosphere. Particularly recommended for extra-large sizes! Two-ply, yarn-dyed. Easy-care. Hemmed on 4 sides. Weight: 240g/sqm

50 % polyester/50 % cotton

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