The legendary hard-wearing quality with interwoven floral pattern

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Size on request
ca. 40x32cm    
Tablemat, hemmed on 4 sides
ca. 80x80cm    
ca. 90x90cm    
Tablecloth, seamed on 4 sides
ca. 130x130cm    
ca. 130x160cm    
ca. 130x170cm    
ca. 130x180cm    
ca. 130x200cm    
ca. 130x220cm    
ca. 130x240cm    
ca. 130x260cm    
ca. 135cm (280 g/qm)    
  • 500 - red
  • 400 - blue

Table linen for the garden and rustic rooms. The tablecloth with an appealing floral pattern spreads an inviting cosiness. Coloured woven, easy to clean, hard-wearing fabric with ply warp. A long-lasting quality, which has been tested and proven for years. Can be produced in any size you want.

100 % cotton

This product is made upon order, no return.
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