Atmospheric tabel linen decorates perfectly your restaurant tables

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Serviette, seamed on 4 sides, light-coloured side up
ca. 40x40cm    
Tablemat, seamed on 4 sides, light-coloured side up
ca. 90x90cm    
ca. 100x100cm    
Tablecloth, narrow seamed, light-coloured side up
ca. ∅ 140cm    
Tablecloth, seamed on 2 sides, light-coloured side up
ca. 140x140cm    
ca. 140x180cm    
ca. 140x220cm    
ca. 155x155cm    
  • 100 - yellow

A high-quality and elegant table linen with an attractive small rhomb patterned design. The amazing charisma of the pattern results from white warp yarn and coloured weft yarn. The especially hard-wearing full-twist quality will give pleasure to you and your guests for many years. Additionally the fabric is mercerised for a durable well-tended appearance. Has also an ideal colorfastness. ZOLLNER only uses high-class indanthrene colours.

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