Hard-wearing bed linen with chic pattern

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Slumber-pillowcase, hotel fastener (15 cm)
ca. 40x40cm    
Pillowcase, hotel fastener (15 cm), at the side
ca. 40x60cm    
Pillowcase, hotel fastener (20 cm), at the side
ca. 50x80cm    
Pillowcase, hotel fastener (20 cm)
ca. 60x80cm    
ca. 80x80cm    
Pillowcase, hotel fastener (20cm), bow tuck
ca. 80x80cm    
Duvet-cover, hotel fastener (30 cm)
ca. 140x200cm    
ca. 140x210cm    
ca. 160x210cm    
Duvet-cover with 2-button-closure, 24 cm sewn up on both sides.
ca. 140x200cm    
Duvet-cover, hotel fastener 30cm, bow-dart
ca. 140x210cm    
ca. 160cm (125 g/qm)    

Bed linen of a very beautiful striped design. Long-living and washable up to 95 °C. Weight: approx. 125 g/qm.

50 % polyester/50 % cotton

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