The cooking-steady, softy pillow also provides allergy suffers for raised sleeping comfort

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Pillow, washable
ca. 35x45cm    
ca. 40x40cm    
ca. 40x60cm    
ca. 40x80cm    
ca. 60x80cm    
ca. 80x80cm    

The indestructible, pleasantly soft and antiallergic pillowcase. The filling does not clump together even when washed frequently. Cover: fine blended fabric of 65 % polyester / 35 % cotton Filling: silicone polyester hollow fibre flakes Filling weight: with a size of approx. 35/45 cm: 180 g, 40/40 cm: 200 g, 40/80 cm: 450 g, 60/80 cm: 650 g, 60/90 cm: 800 g, 70/90 cm: 900 g, 80/80 cm: 900 g.

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